Give Back

Since our beginnings as a company, we have made giving back to our community a priority. TerraCraft Homes and Oak Hall Companies, LLC financially contribute to many local charities, and we actively participate in a couple that are particularly close to our hearts, whether at home or abroad.

Costa Rica Partners

Across the ocean on the gorgeous island of Costa Rica, Project AbrahamĀ works in the San Jose area to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the community by providing child care, church services, andĀ consultations with professionals such as doctors, dentists, counselors, and legal aid. Project Abraham coordinates with Costa Rica Partners to bring medical professionals from the USA to their area on medical mission trips.

We go each year in January/February for about a week that includes Super Bowl weekend. We work either in the church in La Carpio or at a children's home in Coronado, Costa Rica. The home works with orphaned siblings to keep them together. Ed Pease started serving Costa Rica in 2005. Has taken over 1,000 people to serve at local churches in poor communities in the San Jose region of CR. Founder & Member of the Board of Directors of CRMP

Costa Rica Mission Partners provides dental service, childrenā€™s medical services, childrenā€™s soup kitchen and construction services for the area community. Our companies support these efforts financially, and our employees participate in mission tripsĀ to Costa RicaĀ annually in January/February. While we are there, we provide assistance to the local church and a children's home. Since TerraCraft Principal Ed Pease started serving in Costa Rica in 2005, he has taken over 1,000 people to serve in the San Jose region of Costa Rica. Ed founded CRMP and serves as a member of its Board of Directors.

When you visit the website for CRP by clicking on the button to the left, browse through the picture gallery. You'll see the wide grins on the faces of our employees. We look forward to our trip every year and are thrilled to give back to this wonderful community.

Champions Place Rendering #2

Champions Place

The Champions Community Foundation seeks to enrich the lives of young adults with physical disabilities who can no longer benefit from high school-level programs. They do this through a variety of initiatives, including activities organized under the banner of Titan Wheelchair Sports. In addition to events that foster social interaction and physical fitness, the foundation is spearheading Champions Place, a group home that will allow young adults with physical disabilities the opportunity to live in an independent setting supported by a strong community of peers and staff. Once completed, this home will be one of few like it in the state or even in the country.

TerraCraft Homes and Oak Hall Companies, LLC are actively involved in the development of this beautiful group home. We are excited to bring our expertise, energy efficiency, and craftsmanship into a project that will positively impact the lives of the young adults who will one day live independently in a safe and supportive space. To learn more about this project or to help in their efforts by volunteering or donating, visit their website by clicking the button to the right.